How Universal Credit is paid

Just like if you are getting paid when you are in work, you'll usually get a single monthly payment - paid on the same date each month, rather than weekly or fortnightly to cover your living expenses and/or housing costs.

The payment is paid to your bank or post office account one month in arrears and it can take up to 5 weeks to receive your first payment. Ask about an advance payment of Universal Credit if the wait for your first payment means you are having problems paying your bills. The advance payment will have to be paid back.

Instead of getting a separate Housing Benefit payment, you will receive a payment of Housing Costs. This is usually paid directly to you as part of your monthly Universal Credit payment. This means you are responsible for paying your rent in full. People on Housing Benefit will continue to receive Housing Benefit for two weeks after their Universal Credit claim is made. In some circumstances you can get your Housing Costs paid directly to your landlord by using an Alternative Payment Arrangement.

If you claim Universal Credit as a couple, you and your partner will get one payment between the 2 of you. 

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