Living in your home and neighbourhood

Living in your home and neighbourhood

In this section:

Supporting refugees from Ukraine

We are working with our partners to contribute to local efforts to support the people of Ukraine

Anti-social Behaviour

Report ASB or neighbour disputes, how we will manage any reports and action we take.

Neighbour disputes

Tell us if you experience any problems with your neighbours and find out about what action we will take.

Hate incidents

How we deal with reports of hate incidents (serious forms of antisocial behaviour motivated by prejudice).

Domestic abuse

How we can support Octavia tenants who experience domestic abuse.


Hoarding can have a profound effect on the person who is hoarding, on their neighbours and on the property.

Fire and home safety

How we keep your homes safe and tips for keeping you, your family and neighbours accident free.

Care and support services

We provide not-for-profit, flexible care and support services for adults and vulnerable local people.

Keeping pets

Request permission to keep a pet and how we manage requests.

Contents insurance

All residents are responsible for insuring the contents of their home.

Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy fraud is when a tenant provides false information to gain a property, sublets the property to someone else, or does not use the property as their only or main home.

Authorised Absence and Abandoned Properties

An authorised absence is when we give permission for you to be away from your home for more than six weeks.


Squatting is when someone deliberately enters a property without permission and lives there.If a squatter has moved into a neighbouring property that we own please let us know.


Information on our Lodgers policy.