Keeping pets

Our approach to keeping pets

You need to ask us for permission to keep a pet in your home. This is a condition of your tenancy.

What you can expect from our service

If you apply to us to keep a pet we will tell you our decision:

  • within 2 working days if you are not yet a tenant but are hoping to move into one of our properties
  • within 15 working days if you are already an Octavia tenant and want to keep a pet in your current property.

We aim to be reasonable, consistent and fair in deciding whether to give permission for pet ownership. If you live on an estate and do not have access to your own garden, we will only be able to give permission to keep a dog in exceptional circumstances, for example if you need a guide dog. When we list a property on our choice-based lettings website Locata (where tenants can bid for homes to transfer to), we indicate whether pets are allowed at the property so that you know before you bid.

What will happen after you ask for permission to keep a pet

Once we have received your pet permission form, we will review it and let you know if we need any more information from you before making a decision. We will consider any potential impact on your neighbours and any animal welfare or health and safety concerns.

We write to you to let you know the decision. If we give permission for you to keep a pet, we will send you information about what we expect of you as a pet owner. You will need to ask for our permission if you want to have pet housing such as a dog kennel, rabbit hutch or bird aviary in your garden.

If we give you permission to keep a pet in your home and you later move to another Octavia property, or you get a new pet, you will need to ask for permission again.

Conditions of pet ownership

If we give permission for you to keep a pet, you will be responsible for it. You must keep it under control and make sure it is not a nuisance to your neighbours. If a pet causes nuisance problems, we will take back our consent for you to keep the pet. If the problems are serious and continue, we can take action against your tenancy.

My Octavia app

Request permission via your phone app account

020 8354 5500

Ask for your Resident Services Officer

Complete a request form online

If you do not have a My Octavia account you can still complete an online request here