For some residents, it may be possible to take in a lodger but it varies. If you would like to take in a lodger or a paying guest to your home, you will need to check the terms of your individual Tenancy Agreement or contact us to do this for you. Tenancy Agreements change over time and as legislation changes are made and so it is not the same case for all properties.

If your agreement allows you to have a lodger, you must also complete an application form to get our permission. We will not withhold permission unreasonably.

If you receive permission, below is a summary of some of the things that you should be aware of before you take on a lodger:

  • If your lodger does not pay the rent they owe to you, only you can take legal action (our agreement is only with you as the primary resident).
  • You will need to inform your insurance company to make sure that your contents insurance covers any loss or damage caused by your lodger.
  • If you are receiving Universal Credit for your housing payments (previously Housing benefits) you will also need to inform the local council. By law we are also required to inform them.
  • You cannot charge more than the current weekly rent charge.
  • You would be responsible for any nuisance caused by the lodgers.

To find out more, please contact us.