Feedback and complaints

Delivering an exemplary and responsive service is our top priority. When things go wrong, we welcome the opportunity to listen, learn, and act quickly to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you. 

Our complaints policy is designed to ensure we: 

  • Effectively manage and resolve customer complaints 
  • Comply with the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaints Handling Code 
  • Learn from customer feedback to evaluate and improve our services 

How to make a complaint 

If you have a complaint, please refer to our two-stage complaints process here. You can also contact us at 

Service Request 

If you are looking for additional information or are requesting a service, it may not be a complaint.  

The Housing Ombudsman requires us to distinguish the difference between a service request (a request for us to manage a new issue) and a service failure (where we have failed to deliver a service satisfactorily despite being aware of an issue). 
If you contact us for the first time about something that isn’t working properly in your home or is affecting your ability to live in your home peacefully, we’ll manage this as a service request and either get your issue fixed or support you to address the issue. 
If this is the case, you may want to:  

If you contact us because we’ve repeatedly let you down, by not delivering the level of service we said we would and getting your issue fixed, we will manage this as a complaint. 

You can read more in our Complaints Policy.