Feedback and complaints

We are committed to providing our customers with an exemplary service. While we always strive to be reliable, responsive, respectful and resourceful, occasionally we may not meet our customers’ expectations.

When things go wrong, we welcome the opportunity to listen to and understand your concerns so that we can act quickly to put things right.

Our complaints policy is designed to ensure you know how to make a complaint and we respond consistently, fairly and sensitively to your concerns.

Our complaints policy aims to ensure we:  

  • Effectively manage and resolve customer complaints
  • Have a fair and effective complaint escalation and review process
  • Learn from customer feedback to evaluate and improve our services

We welcome all kinds of feedback on our services, whether you are a tenant or shared owner resident, applying for a home with us, or affected by our work in any other way.

If you have a complaint, our two-stage process gives you the opportunity to take things further if you are not happy with our initial response to your complaint. Comments and compliments from you help us keep our service standards high, know what areas we are doing well in and where our services need to improve. 

If you are looking for additional information or are requesting a service, it may not be a complaint. If this is the case, you may want to: 

How to make a complaint

Find out about our complaints process and how is works