Be Involved

Working in partnership with residents at all levels of the organisation is essential in helping us achieve our overall objectives. We want to involve residents so that we can: 

  • build a strong resident voice that ensures we keep to our purpose;
  • ensure everyone feels welcome to take part in our wide range of involvement options; 
  • shape local services with residents and recieve wide ranging feedback; 
  • act on the insights gained from residents to improve and deliver excellent services; and 
  • be sure we are representing resident views to the Government and other partners. 

At every level in our organisation, our staff are responsible for supporting resident involvement and for planning ways to involve you. We also have specialist staff to work with you in your communities. 

If you would like more information on how you can be more involved as a resident, then please call 020 8354 5674 and ask to speak to our Resident Involvement Manager. You can also email us on