Be Involved

Working in partnership with residents at all levels of the organisation is essential in helping us achieve our overall objectives. We want to drive resident influence in what we do to help design and deliver better services, homes and outcomes.

We are focusing on resident influence, rather than just involvement, because it is the influence that will drive change and help us meet our strategic purpose. There are a number of ways of achieving this, not all of which will require active involvement. 

It includes:

  • proactively noticing residents’ expectations, experiences or needs through the use of data and insight, and using that to drive change.
  • actively asking residents about their preferences or experiences to help shape service design and delivery.
  • responding effectively to issues raised through routes of residents’ own choosing such as online channels and third-party advocacy.

At every level in our organisation, our colleagues are responsible for supporting resident influence and for planning ways to ensure the resident voice is heard. We also have colleagues who engage with residents in their communities to better understand local lived experiences.

If you would like more information on how you can help influence our services as a resident, then please call 020 8354 5500 and ask to speak to our Resident Involvement Manager. You can also email us on