Resident Panel

Resident Panel

The Resident Panel is a cross-tenure resident-only group that works to ensure the voice of residents is heard. It influences and helps to shape Octavia's services.

The group does this by looking at the wide range of resident feedback collected about our service delivery and  monitoring our performance, to determine its priorities for each year.

The group consists of 13 residents. It reports to Octavia's Group Services Committee, and works in partnership with Octavia staff and the Board to make sure we respond to resident views and deliver excellent services.

How to get in touch with the Resident Panel

If you would like the Resident Panel to look into an Octavia service operating at your housing scheme, or in the area where you live, you can can get in touch with the group via the Resident Involvement Manager by emailing

Other ways to be involved

Residents are involved in shaping Octavia in various ways. As well as through the Resident Panel, they take part in digital consultation channels and the Complaints Panel acts as ‘mystery shoppers’ and forms focus groups.

If you would like to know how you can be more involved as a resident, please contact us at or call on 0208 354 5500 and ask to speak to our Resident Involvement Manager.