Your Voice meetings

Your Voice meetings

Meeting on - 9 June 2021

Your Voice members discussed:

  • Feedback from the recent Call Around Wednesday event, that reached 285 residents and gave the group useful insight into who uses Octavia digital services and what we need to improve to encourage greater use.
  • Initial findings from a Sub Group, set up to look at issues around Noise Nuisance, Hard floors and Tenure differences, showing a need for better consistency in dealing with these complex cases.
  • Your Voice members contributing to the Octavia Board Away Day, looking at the Value for Money priorities the organisation should looking at over the next few years. 

Meeting on - 14 April 2021 

At their meeting on 14 April 2021, Your Voice members discussed:

  • Feedback on ongoing efforts to develop and promote the My Octavia App to residents. The group were also updated about a recent survey of current My Octavia App users that shows users found registration easy, and that there is a clear demand for introducing a repairs reporting function,which is launcing in summer 2021.
  • Insights gained from a Repairs Focus Group with residents who said they were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their last repair. Feedback shows that there could be improvement around communicating with residents when booking return appointments and looking at better ways to resolve some issues.
  • The Social Housing White Paper that sets out new expectations on landlords to meet the purpose of ‘raising the standard of social housing and meet the aspirations of residents’. Your Voice felt it would be useful to have more clarity on the recommendations of the white paper . They are in the process of feeding their views back to the Government.

Meeting on - 3 March 2021

At their meeting on 3 March 2021, Your Voice members discussed:

  • The key points to be addressed as part of their Noise Nuisance, hard floors and tenure investigations, and agreed to set up a Sub Group to focus on issue.
  • Carrying out a survey of ViewPoint residents to gain their feedback on Octavia’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion commitments. They agreed this could be followed by a focus group to dig a little deeper into the issues arising from the survey.
  • How Octavia meet the Housing Ombudsman Complaints handling Code, and supported plans for Octavia to introduce a new Complaints Manager role who would co-ordinate and review complaint responses from across the organisation.
  • Improvements made to the Your Voice web page and plans for an article in the next newsletter.

Meeting on - 20 January 2021

At their  meeting on 20 January 2021, Your Voice members discussed:

  • Carrying out an investigation into how cases of noise nuisance involving residents of different tenures are handled 
  • Improving how they communicate to all residents more about the role and work of the Your Voice group
  • How Octavia services have been supporting residents during the pandemic and how targets have been affected
  • Consulting residents on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion issues in the wake of the George Floyd incident. Members felt it  important to reach out to existing community groups for feedback.

Your Voice meets again at the end of July, when they will discuss feedback from the recent Board Away Day, and  hear about the strategic plans for the organisation over the next few years.