Get involved as a Group

You can give your views and help to shape our services in many different ways.

The Board

There are two tenants on our Board and they take part in various sub-committees. Tenants go through an open recruitment process and are there to act in the best interests of Octavia Housing.

Your Voice 

Your Voice is a cross tenure resident majority group supported by 3 to 5 Board, committee and independent members. Your voice considers resident feedback, policy reviews, carries out checks on service quality, and makes improvement recommendations to our Group Services Committee. 

Resident groups and forums

We offer support and a grant where local residents want to set up a formal Residents Association and have sufficient resident support. We will continue with assistance and practical help to establish Resident Associations. 

Task and Finish Groups 

We have a programme of Task and Finish Groups scheduled to reflect key projects in our work plan. These groups will be formed to specifically look at a particular service issue, involving residents who have recently experienced the relevant service. Once the area of work has been completed, the group disbands. 

Get involved as an individual

Local meetings and events 

We have a planned programme of local meetings and events. We always let residents know what actions have been taken as a result of their feedback. We tailor each event to local need, from meetings, social get-togethers, drop-in surgeries or door-knocking. 

Octavia in your neighbourhood 

Our flagship event is open to all Octavia residents and takes place once a year. The event is a chance for residents to meet staff in a fun and informal environment and allows us to raise awareness of our extensive and connected services. We also carry out feedback exercises on a key aspect of our services.

Resident Researchers 

We have a programme of service quality checks conducted by a dedicated and trained group of Resident Researchers. These projects can include mystery shopping, site inspections and face to face or phone surveys. They are designed and conducted in partnership with service managers to ensure buy-in throughout. Findings are evidence based with practical and actionable recommendations. 

Walkabout Wednesday 

Every 6 months Octavia staff, Board members and some involved residents knock on doors at selected schemes to gain in-person qualitative feedback on an area of our service reflecting our work priorities. This activity gets back office staff out on our schemes and gives staff and residents a chance to meet. 

Get involved online 


Viewpoint is our customer pool of residents who have told us that they would like to take part in one-off consultations rather than committees or groups. People on this list have already helped us review and improve a number of our policies and services. The pool is cross tenure and the vast majority of consutations are carried out online. 


Click is a flexible way to give us feedback on draft policies using survey and visual digital tools. Residents can get involved from home at a time that suits them. Our group includes both tenants and home owners. 

Further information

For further details about any of the ways of getting involved, please contact our Resident Involvement Manager on 0208 354 5674.