Resident Charter

What is the Resident Charter?

Everyone has a right to know what to expect from their landlord. At Octavia we want to make our responsibilities very clear, so we’ve worked with residents and colleagues across the organisation to produce a Resident Charter.

Our Resident Charter has six Commitments:

The charter sets out how we intend to deliver on the promises we make to you about key services and your home. In drawing up the charter, we’ve looked at our existing service standards, agreed with residents where we needed to make improvements, and introduced new standards where required.

The introduction of the charter was one of the priorities in our Resident Influence Strategy 2022-2025 and follows our adoption of the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants initiative. This initiative is designed to help strengthen relationships between residents and housing association landlords.

We will review our progress on our Resident Charter commitments annually with residents.

As with everything we do, our Resident Charter is underpinned by our four Values:

Reliable: this means we take individual and collective responsibility for our actions; responding to requests in a timely way; respecting the needs of others.

Resourceful: this means we positively and proactively challenge our standards and ways of working, making sure Octavia delivers its priority outcomes; understanding how one’s individual role contributes to change that leads to success.

Responsive: this means we recognise the experience of our customers is paramount; doing the right thing at the right time by prioritising those we serve.

Respectful: this means we are inclusive and treat people fairly; connecting with colleagues, customers, and partners and working collaboratively.

Download our Resident Charter here. 

What residents' say

We collaborated with a group of residents to develop our Resident Charter. This is what some of the participants had to say about the experience:

“The introduction of the charter can only have a positive impact on our relationship with Octavia. From my point of view, the commitments to accountability and transparent communication are the most important aspects of the document and will help to ensure that it’s meaningful and not just another piece of paper popping through the letter box.”
“Working face to face with the people from Octavia directly responsible for the commitments outlined in the charter was a very positive and productive experience. Along with the Octavia Values, these commitments are a bold statement.”

When surveyed, 100% of the participating resident were very satisfied or satisfied with the Resident Charter and felt that their views had been listened to.