We will work in partnerships with residents, facilitating and supporting them to independently scrutinise and hold us to account for the decisions that affect the quality of their homes and the services we provide.

  • We will advertise and promote resident engagement activities regularly, using different methods to reach a wide range of residents.
  • We will support the Octavia Resident Panel, acting as the resident-led group, to hold Octavia to account through scrutiny and challenge. The Resident Panel links into the Executive Leadership Team and the Board.

How we will measure success

  • We will provide details of our Resident Panel.
  • We will use the Resident Annual Report to provide details on our resident engagement activities and how residents have influenced our work and decisions.
  • We will track the service improvements recommendations of the Resident Panel until completed.

Together with Tenants charter commitments

We will work in partnership with our residents, allowing them to scrutinise our services/performance and hold us to account for any decisions that affect the quality of their homes and our services.