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Domestic Abuse


If you are in an abusive relationship we can help.

Domestic Abuse can be one of the most difficult types of situations to talk about and to escape from.

What is Domestic Abuse?
Abuse is not always physical violence. It can be sexual, financial, psychological, or emotional abuse and includes:

Controlling behaviours – designed to dominate another person or make them dependent on the abuser by isolating them from sources of support. Examples include depriving the person of their independence and means of escape, or regulating their everyday behaviour.

Coercive behaviour – such as assault, threats, humiliation, intimidation or other abuse used to harm, punish or frighten someone.

Domestic Abuse is against the law and is a criminal offence.

Domestic Abuse can happen to anyone
Domestic abuse affects women and men and can occur between current or former intimate partners or abuse from family members. Abuse caused by family members, can include forced marriage, abuse relating to gender identity or sexuality, and so-called honour-based violence.

Sometimes it is difficult:

  • To understand when a relationship becomes abusive,
  • For someone who is being abused to realise what’s happening to them
  • To know what to do when they are experiencing domestic abuse.

Supporting those experiencing domestic abuse is a priority for Octavia.

We want those experiencing domestic abuse to feel they can approach us, talk to us, and be listened to.

Octavia will work with jointly with specialist, confidential services that can support you – whether you have left your partner or not. Our work centres around helping to keep those being abused safe by offering emotional and practical support.

What to do if you are (or someone you know) is suffering Domestic Abuse

You can contact our Contact team on 020 8354 5500 and a member of our Housing Services team will arrange to speak with you to agree a plan of action together with you.