How to make a claim for Universal Credit

Most Universal Credit claims need to be made online, there is no paper form.

You will need an email address to apply, along with an online account on the website. The application can take up to 40 minutes; so if you aren’t confident using the internet, ask your local council for help getting online. If you are making a joint claim, you and your partner will need to set up separate accounts, which will be linked during the claim process.

Before you apply for Universal Credit, you’ll need to gather some information about you and your household. Getting all your details together in advance will save you time and make it easier to complete the Universal Credit application. If you’re making a joint claim, your partner will need their details to apply too.

Find out what you’ll need to apply here by clicking here.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Council Tax Support is a benefit to help pay your Council Tax. Council Tax Support is NOT included in Universal Credit, so you will need to make a claim for Council Tax Support directly with your local council.

Once you have submitted your claim, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) won't normally write or phone you about your Universal Credit claim. Instead they will send messages to your online account, so it’s vital that you check your account regularly to see if there is anything the Department for Work and Pensions have asked you to do, or any information that they have asked you to provide.