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Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we have made changes to our handyman service. 

You can view the latest information here 

Our approach to helping older and disabled residents with jobs around the home

We offer a free handyman service for residents aged 60 or over or who are receiving Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments. We deliver this service in partnership with the Silver Saints professional handyman service.

What we mean by a handyman service

Silver Saints provide help with small jobs around the home that are usually the responsibility of the tenant so are not covered by our repairs service. The Silver Saints handymen are multi-skilled, experienced, friendly and reliable. They have all had clean criminal records checks.

They can provide help with jobs such as:

Improving security

  • fitting locks, chains, spyholes or security lighting
  • fitting and maintaining panic button systems systems
  • making minor repairs to gates and fences.

Helping you to stay safe

  • removing trip hazards
  • securing carpets and rugs
  • securing electrical cables
  • fitting stair gates, guards and handrails
  • fitting smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors
  • carrying out home safety checks.

Making you more comfortable

  • moving furniture
  • draught-proofing your doors and windows
  • assembling flat-pack furniture
  • fitting curtain rails and curtains
  • adjusting or fitting shelves.

Minor repairs

  • unblocking toilets and sinks
  • repairing toilet flushes or dripping taps
  • bleeding your radiators
  • connecting washing machines and dishwashers
  • fitting or replacing plugs and fuses, lightbulbs, spotlights and extractor fans
  • installing phone extensions

What you can expect from our service

When you contact Silver Saints, they should be able to give you an appointment within two to three days, but it can sometimes be sooner.

You can order one or two handyman visits each year and you can ask the handyman to complete several jobs when they call. You will not pay anything for the handyman’s time as long as their visit is under 1.5 hours. We will pay for up to £50 of materials per visit.

What will happen after you ask for a handyman appointment

After you ask for a handyman appointment you will be given a time for the handyman to visit your home between 8.30am-5.30pm on a weekday. The handyman team finishes work at 6.30pm.

Making sure we are succeeding

Silver Saints will give you a feedback form to complete after their visit, so you can say how the job went. Your feedback will help us and Silver Saints to check that you are getting a good service.

You can book a Silver Saints handyman appointment using the details at teh top of the page. If you would like help with booking an approintment please contact our customer services team.

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