Maureen Harrop

I’ve lived here for 20-odd years. When I was younger I could do things for myself – I used to do all the decorating. But I have blackouts and falls now so I can’t climb stepladders. It’s very frustrating – old age is really, really frustrating.

Octavia’s handyman service does anything that you need doing. They change the lights, and they take all the light fittings down so I can wash them. They are super. The only thing they don’t do is decorate.

They are called the Silver Saints - and they are. I had something wrong with my television and the man fixed my telly while he was here. They’d come round to do something else; I just asked him to have a look at my telly and tell me what was wrong with it, and he fixed it.

They are first class. It doesn’t matter how small or how big the job is. And if they say ‘we’ll be here at 10 o’clock’ they are here at 10. And really that’s quite important to me because I’m very punctual. I think they are brilliant.