Gas servicing

Our approach to gas servicing

As your landlord, we are legally required to carry out regular gas safety checks. The law says that we must complete a gas service at your home at least once every 12 months.

What we mean by gas servicing

A gas engineer from our contractor K&T will visit your home and check that your gas installation and appliances are safe. They will also check your heating system at the same time.

You must let the engineer in when they call to complete the gas service. The safety checks help to protect you, your family and your neighbours. Your tenancy agreement requires you to allow us access to your home for gas services. If you refuse to give us access, then we may take legal action and may charge you for the costs this involves. Full details about the entire process and action we could take will be outlined in your first appointment letter.

What you can expect from our service

The engineer will test your gas installation and appliances to confirm they are safe to use, and make sure that your boiler and its controls are working. They will also make sure that your appliance is set to work as efficiently as possible.

Sometimes we ask our contractors to complete a gas safety check sooner than 12 months since your last inspection, for example if an engineer is visiting other homes in your area.

What will happen after the gas safety check?

You will receive a copy of your gas inspection certificate through the post within 28 days.

Making sure we are succeeding

We measure the performance of our contractor K&T against targets that we set for the completion of gas safety inspections.

To make sure that we are providing a high quality service, we ask a quarter of the tenants who we visit for gas safety checks to complete a satisfaction survey and we also carry out quality checks on one in ten inspections.

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