Green Doctors support

Green Doctors

Octavia has teamed up with local authorities and an environmental charity to provide free help for residents who may be finding it hard to meet the cost of heating their home.

If you feel you would like your home to be warmer, but are worried about the cost of turning the heating up, you may qualify for help through this initiative.

A free home visit from a ‘Green Doctor’ (energy efficiency expert) can help you with things like:

  • Explaining how to make your home energy efficient
  • Installing energy saving devices for no charge
  • Providing independent advice on switching your energy supplier to save money

The programme is aimed at households with residents who are over 65, or on a low income, or where someone living in the home has a long term health condition or disability.

To find out if this service is available where you live and further information on how the scheme can help you keep your home warmer, call 0300 365 5003 or email

You can also request appointments online at:

Struggling to meet your energy bills?

Octavia provides free consultations and advice for all residents who are worried about paying their essential household bills. Find out how you can access this service.