Accessible services

We provide help with communication to make sure that our services and information about our services are accessible to all residents.

 If you need translation or interpretation services

We work with interpreters to provide translation services over the telephone and in person when needed. You can also ask us to translate any of our printed documents into another language. We work with The Bigword, CITAS, and Language Line. Our website is compatible with Google Translate.

 If you have a hearing impairment

We can arrange for a signing interpreter to attend meetings that you have with us and we also have an induction loop available at our offices.

You can contact us by telephone using Text Relay, a free service for people who have impaired hearing. To use Text Relay from a text-phone, dial 18001 and then the telephone number. From a standard telephone, dial 18002 and then the telephone number. Visit for more information.

 If you are blind or partially sighted

We are able to produce documents and letters in large print and can make documents available in formats such as Braille and audio CD on request. Our website is compatible with Browse Aloud.

If you have a learning disability

If you would benefit from having information presented in different ways, we may use an Easy Read format, pictures or a mixture of the two, depending on your needs.’