New home repairs (Defects)

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we have made changes to our repairs service. 

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New home repairs (defects)

When you move in to your newly built home, you may find some repairs or maintenance works are required. These are known as ‘defects’. It is perfectly normal for there to be defects in any newly built property. All repairs recorded within the defects period of two years will be repaired by the contractor who built your home. 

Defects or repairs which need attention after two years are your responsibility except for any repairs required in shared areas of your building. To report a repair for a shared area see 'Report and track a shared area repair' page.

Our service 

Please report any defects to us using the contact details above. Your home will also be inspected just before the end of the defects period and any non-urgent repairs will be carried out then.

Damage caused as a result of accidents, misuse or vandalism are not the responsibility of the contractor, and are usually the responsibility of the resident. You will be charged for repairing any damage caused in this way.

What will happen when you contact us about a defect

We will arrange for the contractor to correct the defects on your behalf. You will not be charged for this work. Any emergency repairs will be repaired immediately. Emergency repairs are those that risk the health, safety or security of residents, or those that could cause serious damage to the property if left unrepaired. 

020 8354 5533

New home repairs/ defects line

0800 479 0011 - for urgent emergencies

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Tell us online - fill in a report form (non-emergency)

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