Alterations to your home

If you wish to make any changes or alterations to your property (other than internal decorations) you must first apply in writing to the homeownership team for permission. Please include information about your plans and drawings to scale.

We will not unreasonably refuse permission but have a responsibility to ensure that what you are planning to do will not:

  • put the building at risk of damage during or after the works have been carried out, or
  • cause a nuisance to other residents in the building.

We do not allow satellite dishes on our properties so requests for these will always be turned down.

You will be charged an administration fee for dealing with your application. We will advise you of the cost at the time.

Minor alterations

We will grant written permission if you are making minor alterations such as installing central heating or changing internal doors. You will need to prove that the work has been carried out by a qualified tradesperson (such as a Gas Safe registered engineer) and provide certification for this.

Structural changes

We will require a license for alterations if you wish to carry out structural changes e.g. a loft conversation or removing internal load-bearing walls or making changes to the drainage system. In addition, we will require reports from qualified persons confirming that the work will not affect the building as a whole. We may also require our surveyors to inspect the work and will charge for these inspections. Any request is at our discretion and we may not agree to your proposals.

Planning permission and building control

In many alteration cases you will also require planning permission and building control approval. You will need planning permission for all alterations to your property including:

  • changes to the internal layout
  • extensions or basement conversation 
  • loft conversation.

Before you plan a loft conversion, check your lease. Many leases do not include loft spaces therefore you would have to buy this from the landlord (Octavia Housing or Octavia’s freeholder, as applicable) before you could convert or use the loft area. We do not always sell on loft spaces to homeowners.

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