Response times

Communal repair response times

When a resident reports a problem in a communal or shared space, it is our responsibility to repair it. We group repairs into four response time categories. The times are measured from the date you report the problem to us. 

All the response times below are for our initial attendance. In some cases, especially where this relates to mechanical and electrical equipment such as lifts, entry phones or door locking mechanisms, parts may be required which will delay the completion of the work.

We will always try to keep delays to a minimum.

Emergency repairs

We will get someone to your home as soon as possible and make the situation safe within 24 hours.

This is for repairs that are needed to remove immediate danger to people and avoid flooding or major damage to the property. It is also to make sure the property is secure, or in some cases to get the heating or electricity back on. We will let you know if further work is needed.

Urgent repairs

We will arrange an appointment and do the work within five working days.

This is for work that needs to be done quickly but where there is no immediate health, safety or similar risk.

Routine repairs

We will arrange an appointment and do the work within 15 working days.

This is for work inside or outside your home where the problem does not cause immediate inconvenience or present a danger to occupants or the public but should not wait for planned work.

Third-party repairs

We have a number of buildings where a third-party company is responsible for the repairs and maintenance of all, or some, of the shared areas and structure. When we receive a report for one of these properties we will pass on the request to the appropriate managing agent or freeholder. Under our lease agreements we are unable to carry our repairs in these buildings ourselves.

Please note that third-party companies may have different target times for repairs and may also have to source parts to complete them. We work with these companies to try to ensure works are completed in line with their target times but we are not responsible for them meeting them.

Planned work

We will advise you of a timescale when these works are due to take place.

This is when we carry out certain non-urgent works to several homes together rather than an individual jobs as this is more efficient. See more about planned and cyclical works.

How to contact us about repairs

See request and track a communal repair for our contact details.