Shared area improvements

Our approach to shared area improvements

Every year we put money aside to improve the shared areas at some of our homes. We use this money to carry out works that go beyond our normal responsibilities as your landlord. If you live in a rented property or a mixed tenure development you can bid on behalf of yourself and your neighbours for a grant of up to £25,000.

What we mean by shared area improvements

Shared areas are spaces inside or outside of our properties that are used by all residents, for example lobbies, shared gardens and recycling areas.

Examples of improvements works can include, cycle storage, upgrading footpaths and walkways, improving rubbish and recycling area, landscaping shared gardens, or improving security.

What you can expect from our service

You can request an improvement at any time during the year. We will consider whether your request is viable, and whether it meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Improvement to security or safety of residents
  • Resolve or improve a nuisance or anti-social behaviour issue
  • Improve storage or access to a building, block or estate
  • Introduce or increase growing or planting capacity
  • Make the environment more attractive

We will also consider whether there are any other options, and whether the improvement will provide value for money.

If your request is viable, we will invite you to put in a full bid for an improvement grant. We can support you to put your bid together.

Grants are awarded in January each year once they have been considered by a Resident’s Panel. You will have the option to meet the panel to put your case forward in person. If your bid is successful, we will confirm the decision in writing within 10 working days, and advise you of the next steps. Once grants have been awarded, we will generally carry out works between April and September.

Making sure we are succeeding

When our contractors complete the improvement we will ask you to confirm that the work is of a good standard. We will survey residents at your property four weeks later, to check they are also satisfied.

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