Welcome to Octavia

We provide good quality, affordable, well-planned and well-managed homes in inner London, alongside support for residents, local people and communities.

Inspired by our Founder, the social reformer Octavia Hill, we are a not-for-profit organisation that provides thousands of people with affordable homes. Like her, we believe that good homes make for better lives. To find out more about Octavia, what we do and our history, visit our main website here.

As an Octavia tenants you have access to a whole range of services, some of these services you will expect such as a responsive repairs services or planned and cyclical maintenance works on your home but we also offer many other services such as help with employment and training, opportunities for young Octavia tenants and care and support services for older residents.

This website is dedicated to helping you to access the services available to you. To make things easy to follow, all our information is colour coded and uses the same icons for different topics. If you have any queries, you can always contact us either online using your dedicated secure account or via our customer services number.