Rubbish and recycling

We want all of our homes and developments to be pleasant places to live. We expect all residents to store and dispose of rubbish, recycling and other items responsibly.

Most of your rubbish will be made up of household waste, some of which can be recycled. Please recycle whatever you can. If you would like to find out the dates and times of your local rubbish and recycling collection, please contact your local authority or your estate services team.

Disposing of rubbish

At some of our larger developments, we provide designated areas for you to dispose of your rubbish and recycling. Large bins will generally be in place in these areas. If this system is used where you live, you will pay for it through a weekly service charge.

At other properties, the local authority will be responsible for collecting rubbish and recycling. This will be through a bag collection or wheelie bins. If this system is used where you live, you will be responsible for storing your rubbish and recycling, including providing your own bins until collection day.

If we visit a property and rubbish and recycling is not being stored correctly, or is causing a nuisance or obstruction, we may have to arrange for it to be removed. In these cases, we charge residents for the removal costs.

Bulky and electrical items

From time to time you may need to dispose of bulky items, such as old furniture, or other items which cannot be included with your household rubbish, such as electrical goods. You will need to take these types of items to the rubbish tip yourself or contact your local council to arrange for them to be collected. The council may charge you for this service and you may need to move your items to the ground floor or other area for collection.

Please put your items outside only on the day they are being collected and remember to tell us that you are leaving items outside for collection. It would be helpful if you could attach a note to them stating the date of collection. Failing to do these things could lead us to believe the items have been dumped. When items have been dumped, we will arrange for them to be removed and will charge you for the costs we incur.

Other ways to get rid of unwanted items

An alternative to throwing away unwanted items, including bulky items, is to offer them for free to other people who may have use for them. This is often called ‘freecycling’. Visit FreecycleUK or I love freegle for more information.