Car parks and parking

Our approach to car parks and parking

Parking on the shared areas of our estates is limited. On some of our estates, you can only park your car in a shared area if you have a parking permit. On estates that do not currently have a parking permit system, we can consider introducing one if residents request it.

What we mean by parking controls

Where permit parking controls are in place, cars that are parked without a valid permit on display may receive a parking charge notice from our parking contractor. This means the owner of the vehicle must pay a fine.

Parking permits last for 6 or 12 months. Your permit will show the parking bay number that you have been allocated and it will also show the date that the permit expires. You can pay a small additional charge for a visitor’s parking permit, which allows a visitor to use the parking space allocated to you.

You do not require a permit to park a motorbike in a shared area, but you must park safely. Our permit system does not apply to:

  • parking on private driveways
  • use of individual garages 
  • parking on roads controlled by the local authority
  • parking on developments under shared management where another housing association is responsible for the parking.

What you can expect from our service

We display signs to inform residents, visitors and members of the public where parking controls are in place. We allocate permits in a consistent way, to be fair to all applicants. We give priority to disabled drivers who have a Blue Badge.

We aim to send permits out within five working days of receiving the fee payment and we send parking permit renewal reminders out at least four weeks before a permit is due to expire. We keep the fees for parking permits reasonable and we do not increase fees more than once a year. We may charge higher fees for secure gated and underground parking to meet the extra costs involved in providing this service.

What will happen after you apply for a parking permit

Once we have received your application form, we will add your name to the waiting list or ballot (depending on the system used to allocate permits where you live). Where we have car parking spaces available we will allocate you a space on reciept of a completed application form, required documentation and full payment. 

When your application reaches the top of the waiting list (or has been successful in a ballot or lottery draw) and there is a suitable parking space available, we ask you to pay for your permit. Blue Badge holders and homeowners who purchased a parking space with their home do not have to pay a fee, but do still need to apply for a permit.

You will need to provide us with copies of your vehicle registration document and insurance certificate, showing that the vehicle is registered to your home address. We may ask to see further information such as a valid driving licence and confirmation from an employer if it is a company-owned vehicle.

Displaying your permit

Once you have your parking permit, you must display it clearly in the front windscreen of your car or on the dashboard. If you do not display your permit clearly, or your permit has expired, you may receive a parking charge notice.

Renewing your permit

On some estates, parking permits are issued through an annual ballot. Parking permits issued in this way do not have an automatic right of renewal and you will need to reapply through the ballot each year.

If annual ballots are not in place, we will send you a parking permit renewal reminder each year. You will be able to keep renewing your permit as long as you send us your renewal form and fee on time each year and you do not breach any of the conditions of the permit.

If you do not renew your permit on time and continue to park in the bay you were allocated, you may receive a parking charge notice. If we allocate the space to someone else you will need to apply for a new permit.

Conditions of your permit

We may refuse or withdraw a parking permit if you have rent arrears, have breached other conditions of your tenancy or if your vehicle is untaxed or abandoned. If we decide to withdraw

your permit we will explain our reasons to you in writing and give you 14 days’ notice of your permit being withdrawn. You can appeal against our decision through our complaints process, but we do not issue temporary permits while appeals are being considered.

If there are unused spaces we may issue conditional parking permits to residents or members of the public to allow temporary use of a parking space. We may withdraw these conditional permits at short notice. If we do this, we will refund the temporary permit holder for the remainder of the term they have paid for.

What to do if someone else is using your parking space

Your parking permit does not guarantee that no-one else will park in your allocated parking space. If someone has parked in your space, please contact our contact team.

If our parking contractor finds a car without a valid permit parked in the space allocated to you, they will issue a parking charge notice to the owner of the vehicle. If you park in someone else’s space because your allocated space has been taken, you could still receive a parking charge notice.

What to do if you receive a parking charge notice

The person who owns the vehicle is responsible for paying the fine. If you believe the parking contractor should not have issued you with a parking charge notice, you can lodge an appeal. You must appeal directly to the parking contractor – we do not deal with parking charge appeals ourselves.

The parking contractor will assess your appeal within 35 days. If the fine is upheld and you do not pay the fine by the deadline, the parking contractor will take you to court to force you to pay.

Reporting abandoned vehicles

We always investigate reports of abandoned vehicles on our estates and will take action to remove vehicles that have been abandoned on land that we own. However, we are not responsible for vehicles that have been abandoned on public roads or on privately owned land, including gardens or parking spaces purchased by residents with their homes.

If you believe a vehicle has been abandoned on land owned by Octavia, please contact our ccontact team with details of the vehicle and its location.

To report a vehicle that has been abandoned on a public road or privately owned land (including parking spaced purchased by homeowners), please visit or contact your local authority.

Making sure that we are succeeding

We monitor the service we receive from our parking control contractor to make sure that high standards are being maintained and that contract conditions are being met.

How to contact us about parking permits

Parking permits

You can complete a parking permit request form online at

If you have questions about applying for or renewing a parking permit, please contact our contact team on 020 8354 5500 or

Parking charge notices

To pay or appeal against a fixed penalty notice, please contact our parking contractor. You can find their contact details on the fixed penalty notice, or on parking control signs at the property.

Abandoned vehicles

To report an abandoned vehicle on land owned by Octavia, please contact our customer services team. If you need to report an abandoned vehicle when our offices are closed, please contact our parking contractor. You can find their contact details on parking control signs at the property.

020 8354 5500

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