Leaving your home

All Octavia residents should find their property in a good conition when they arrive. So if you are moving on from your current Octavia property, before you go, you need to:

  •  give us four weeks’ notice in writing (otherwise we will charge you for the full notice period)
  • pay us all of the rent you owe
  • make sure your home is in good decorative order and repair, and replace any items that have been damaged and are your responsibility - if you do not do this, we may bill you for putting things right, but if you leave your home in good order, you may qualify for a thank you payment
  • tell us about any repairs that need doing that are our responsibility
  • arrange for a final reading of your gas, electricity and water meters, to avoid paying for any services the next tenant uses
  • arrange for your post to be sent on to your next address
  • give us an address where we can contact you (we will keep it confidential)
  • tell the council tax department of your local council that you have moved
  • if you claim benefits, tell the benefit offices that you deal with that you have moved.
  • take all of your belongings with you and leave your home (including any garages or sheds you rented from us) clean and tidy – if we have to clear out your property, clean it or store your belongings, we will pass the cost on to you
  • return your keys to our offices by midnight on the Sunday your tenancy ends – we will continue to charge you rent until you return the keys.