Octavia has a range of apprenticeships and internships. People who are unemployed and not in full-time education can apply to join our annual apprenticeship scheme. Those who have completed a degree can apply to join our internship scheme. Subject to funding every year, these schemes offer people the chance to work with Octavia and study or train at the same time.

We have kick-started a lot of careers into different industries and professions since the schemes began. We offer support and guidance along the way.

Find out more and how to apply via the Octavia Foundation’s employment support team.

Once you get in touch we will arrange to meet with you to discuss your goals and aspirations, before developing an action plan to help you to achieve them. Each plan is personalised to the individual.

We also offer drop-in job sessions which you can also find out about via the Octavia Foundation website. These are a great way to drop in and meet our team and talk in person about how we might be able to help your job search or career journey.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for our apprenticeship scheme, you must be:

  • Aged between 18-27.
  • Unemployed.
  • Not in full time education.

020 8354 5500

Ask for out employment and training team

Ask us online

If you do not have a My Octavia account you can still contact us online via a form here

View all our personalised services on our We Do That Too pages.