Additional fees

We aim to deliver good value for money to residents. Our annual management fees cover a range of services. These fees are included in your service charge.

Sometimes it is necessary to charge additional administrative fees for services that are not covered by management fees or service charges. We will tell you straight away if a fee is payable for the service you are enquiring about. If you choose to proceed, you need to pay the fee in advance. We will not complete the administrative service until you pay the fee in full. All fees are non-refundable.

This policy does not cover management fees, service charges or costs incurred by Octavia for repair labour / parts.

What will happen when you contact us about a service that requires a fee

We will let you know in advance what fees you need to pay if you contact us to enquire about:

  • a resale
  • extending your lease
  • subletting your property
  • remortgaging
  • varying your lease
  • purchasing land
  • adding or removing a third party to your lease
  • any other service that incurs an administrative fee

Our fees are also published in the standard administration fees for leasehold services document.

We offer a variety of ways for you to pay your fee. We will let you know in advance how you can pay. If you are eligible for the service, we agree to your request, and you are happy with our terms, you need to pay in advance so we can process the relevant paperwork.

We will not start the administrative work until you pay the fee. We will tell you if you need to make the payment by a deadline. If your payment is late it may delay or halt your request so it is important you pay the fee as soon as possible.

We will acknowledge your payment in writing, and process your application within the timeframes specified.

Fees are non-refundable. If you change your mind after making the payment we will not refund you the cost of the fee.

If you feel the fee we are charging is incorrect or too high you can discuss your concerns with the leasehold services officer. If you are still unhappy you can ask to discuss your concerns with the assistant director of alternative tenures. Contact us for more information about this.

We review our fees at least every two years to ensure they represent value for money.

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