Our management service

As a homeowner, you pay an annual fee to cover our management services. This is part of your lease agreement. This fee covers the costs incurred for us to:

  • collect service charges (and rent in the case of shared owners)
  • prepare and submit service charge statements
  • plan works of a non-annual nature to meet requirements of the lease
  • pay for general maintenance out of funds provided and ensure that service charges and all outgoing monies are used for the purposes specified under the lease and in accordance with legislation
  • produce annual spending estimates to calculate service charges and reserves, as well as administering the funds
  • produce and circulate service charge accounts and supply information to tenants and any residents’ association, liaising with and providing information to accountants where required
  • administer building and other insurance if instructed and authorised, subject to Financial Services Authority Regulations
  • employ and supervise staff such as caretakers, gardeners and cleaners. Where a contract cleaning service is procured, we pass on costs of the cleaning service and any reasonable administration costs
  • arrange and manage contracts or services in respect of, for example, lifts and communal boilers
  • arrange periodic health and safety and fire risk assessments in accordance with the statutory requirements, and, where necessary, in liaison with the relevant public authorities
  • visit the property and estate (if applicable) to check its condition and deal with minor repairs to buildings, plant, fixtures and fittings
  • deal reasonably and as promptly as possible with enquiries from home owners having regard to any requirements or constraints in the written agreement
  • keep records of leases and correspondence
  • manage your lease and respond to enquiries
  • pay legal bills for dealing with complex issues
  • employ housing management, financial, rent arrears and technical staff
  • process resident involvement, consultation, information and satisfaction surveys.