24 November 2022

First meeting of Octavia’s new Residents' Panel

Resident panel 2 original

Yesterday we held the first face to face meeting of our new Residents' Panel at Emily House.

Earlier this year we recruited new panel members to sit alongside long-standing Your Voice members to form a new Residents' Panel at Octavia. Our huge thanks to everyone who gave us their time and energy yesterday. It’s a key time to re-energize our involvement programme.

It’s important to us that we continue to nurture a strong two-way dialogue with our residents, listen to the things that matter to them and make sure we are taking action to improve. Our new panel consists of 13 members across all of our tenure types. The meeting focused on allowing the panel to get to know each other as well as a great discussion on value for money, and agreeing some of the main issues they would like to address with Octavia, such as the cost of living and damp and mould.

Pictured are Keith, Debbie from our Board, Elayn and Peter our Resident Involvement Manager, enjoying a cuppa before getting down to business!