Introducing… Call Around Wednesdays!

Date 15 Jul 2020
Time 9am-5pm

Every six months a group of Octavia staff, Board members and residents knock on doors at selected schemes to gain in-person qualitative feedback on our services. While this initiative has been unable to continue as normal, this has not stopped our resident involvement team from finding alternative ways to collect residents' views.

Our first Call Around Wednesday will take place on Wednesday 15 July and will gather feedback on the quality of our COVID-19 response. We will also be encouraging more people to use our app and letting them know how it is being developed this year. By giving residents the chance to shape our services, the exercise will allow us to improve them in line with their needs.

We’re passionate about empowering and involving our residents in a range of our decision-making processes – that’s why we offer a wide variety of resident involvement options. Telephone consultations carried out over the last few months have been received well, with frontline and back office staff helping us to reach hundreds of residents.