9 February 2024

Continuing support for Elm Road residents

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We appreciate that this continues to be a very difficult and distressing time for the residents of Elm Road. We appreciate their patience as we work to make the homes safe for their return and ensure they are getting all the assistance and support they need.

Arrangements have been put in place to ensure everyone is comfortable in their temporary accommodation, that they have access to food and meals and are able to purchase essential items.

We are keeping in touch with people regularly, both by phone and through meeting them at their hotels, to talk to them and provide tailored support that meets individual needs. These check-ins are also giving residents an opportunity to speak to us about any concerns they may have so that we can address these.

We are working with the fire brigade and our contractors to carry out repairs and complete safety checks to homes before residents can begin to return home. The fire brigade is continuing to carry out their investigation into the cause of the fire.

Support for residents

The health and wellbeing of all residents affected is our absolute priority. We are working with Brent Council and other local partners to provide a range of targeted services to support wellbeing and mental health, as well as offer additional practical support and advice.

Today (Friday 9 February), Octavia staff joined a local drop-in event for residents to talk to people about the range of services and assistance available, and provide help with accessing these.

Half-term activities for young people

The Octavia Foundation is providing free access to a range of half-term activities for children and young people for half-term week (12-16 February). Residents can find out more about this through the tailored information provided to all residents or by emailing  grants@octaviafoundation.org.uk 

Free to attend activities run by Brent Council are also included in the information.

Contacting us

Any Elm Road resident who has any questions or concerns should contact us on 020 8354 5500 or contact their Housing Lead:

  • Goodwood/King Edward Court: mahalia.gordon@octavia.org.uk 
  • Kensington and Sandringham: ross.houston@octavia.org.uk
  • Woburn and Hatfield: ebony.brown@octavia.org.uk 
  • Petworth Court: tasyai.nylander@octavia.org.uk 

Media and other enquiries 

For press and media enquiries, please contact Octavia’s Communications Team during office hours on 07503 655066, or email:  update@octavia.org.uk