11 December 2023

Base Productions - 'Blurred Lines' film release

Chrysalis insta 2 original

The young filmmakers from our innovative youth-led production company Base Productions have made two important films tackling gender-based violence, championing women's rights. This subject was selected by the young team during one of their steering meetings, identifying their strong desire to have a voice on this important subject, challenging social norms and bringing visibility to the continued dangers of gender-based violence.  

The project was  the launched during the February half term of this year, where the young people responded to the provocation prepared by our incredible Creative Youth Workers, Damilola Rowe, Kadie Jabbie and Hyabel Kidane. During this session, vital conversations were facilitated that provided the stimulus for young people to plan the basis of their ideas. The young people then developed these ideas and pitched them to their peers, with Alex Hitch from Ray Film supporting this session. From here, the young people broke into groups, collaborating to develop the ideas – the basis for The Choice and Chrysalis - into structured stories that would capture their bold voice. 

Once the script's plans were locked off, roles were allocated across each group and the young people went into pre-production. This included casting professional actors, devising extensive treatments and shot lists and having practice shoots at our site the Reed.  

The final films were shot on location in April. Here, the young people showed incredible innovation to transform a care home into two sets – one of a 1940's house and the other an empty childhood home. 

The films were edited by the Base Productions team with the young people always consulting on the direction of the films. Once complete in June, they premiered at our annual Marquis Coker Award and have since played at the Live Link Festival, Lift-Off First Film-makers platform and the National Housing Summit. We are also excited to announce that The Choice has been selected for Activists Across Boarders, a film festival in Manchester with an important and powerful voice. 

Below, read the synopsis for each film: 

The Choice: 

Whilst the end of the Second World War brought great happiness and hope; for Dina it was a sign of something very different. The return of her abusive husband, the man she married in a rush as he left for the war. A man she had always been scared and fearful of. And now he is back, she carries a secret. She carries a baby that isn't his - so she is faced with the difficult choice - illegally abort the baby or face the wrath of a violent man? Or could she have the strength to finally leave? 


Upon finding out the news that Malin's Dad has passed away, she returns to the family home that carries a history of trauma. Facing her memories, will she be able to find solace and hope against a past that has haunted her for so long. 

The Choice Insta (1)

Talking about their involvement in the project, one young person said “Going to Base has been such a good opportunity I’ve been privileged enough to have, it’s built up a path in my life of confidence and creativity. The sessions have played a fundamental part in my passion and my teamwork & communication skills have improved a lot since I started.” 

Chloe, one of the writers on these films, shares her view: 'It's an important story to tell as it shows the dangers of domestic violence and how it has always existed and will always exist. I think it's important to show how isolating it is and how desperate these women are to get out.' .

The team are currently waiting to see if they have been selected for a series of festivals. In the meantime, please support them by watching these incredible films here: The Choice and Chrysalis. 

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