21 November 2023

Octavia launches Resident Charter

Resident charter   tues 31st 1.jpg original

Our new Resident Charter, which has launched this week, is designed to strengthen our relationship with our residents.

It is an opportunity to highlight our commitment to being clear and transparent about what residents can expect from us, in terms of our service standards, and delivering on our promises.

The introduction of a resident charter was one of the priorities we set in our Resident Influence Strategy, which was launched in 2022, and was the culmination of months of collaboration with residents. The launch also follows our adoption of the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants initiative.

Residents were involved in developing the charter, working with us to revise our existing service standards. We were able to identify those that should be kept, those that needed to be refreshed, and any new standards required to meet the expectations of both our residents and regulatory bodies.

Ray Mwanahiba, one of the residents who collaborated on the development of the Charter, said: “Working face to face with the people from Octavia directly responsible for the commitments outlined in the Charter was a very positive and productive experience. And the inclusion of communication, a topic that really resonates with residents, is a real step forward.”

Resident Beverley Lord, who was also involved, added: “The introduction of the Charter, partially in response to feedback from residents, can only have a positive impact on our relationship with Octavia. It will also help to hold them to account and make sure they deliver on their promises.”

The charter sets out six commitments: Relationships, Communications, Voice and Influence, Accountability, Quality, and When Things go Wrong. These are underpinned by our four values: Reliable, Responsive, Respectful, and Resourceful.

Read our Resident Charter here