11 September 2023

Have your say on new safety and quality standards for social housing

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The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) has launched a consultation on the new consumer standards and is inviting social housing residents to give their views.

About the RSH standards

Part of the role of the Regulator of Social Housing is to check that landlords are giving people good housing and good services. The RSH has created Standards for social housing to ensure this. These are rules that landlords should follow when they rent houses to tenants.

Landlords have to demonstrate to the RSH and tenants that they are meeting the Standards.

What’s changing?

The law governing social housing has recently changed and so the RSH is reviewing these standards. They are seeking tenant views on the proposed changes and are inviting views with this consultation. Tenant views will influence the agreed new standards that social landlords will have to follow from April 2024.

What the RSH is consulting on

The social housing standards are grouped around four main areas:

  • Good and safe homes
  • Good relationships with tenants
  • Safe and well-kept neighbourhoods
  • Renting homes to tenants

To find out further details and have your say, find out more using the links below:

To download a PDF about the social housing standards consultation – use this link
Standards for social housing tenants: Read our ideas and tell us what you think 

To read more about the consultation online on the RSH website – use this link
Standards for social housing tenants - Easy read (accessible text only version) 

You have until 17 October 2023 to provide your views through this consultation.