6 September 2023

Strengthening our governance and viability

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This week, the Regulator for Social Housing (RSH) downgraded Octavia’s governance and financial viability grading to G3/V3. This means we are not currently meeting the regulator’s governance and viability requirements. This downgrading will not affect services to residents nor the communities we serve. 

Please be assured we’re committed to taking the necessary steps to improve and we have already taken a number of steps to strengthen our organisation. 

We will be including more information on the steps we're taking in light of the RSH's decision in our next Resident Update, due to be published at the start of October.  

We operate in some of the most expensive parts of the capital, and we are proud of our legacy of creating good quality, affordable homes. This year, we’ve built 70 new affordable homes, helping more residents be independent, make connections in the community and thrive, and we will continue to make these investments. 

Our residents can contact us via 020 8354 5500 if they have any questions.