16 January 2020

Octavia Housing launches a new brand identity

Combined original

The new “Octavia” brand features a redesigned logo, messaging and name.

Octavia Housing, the London based homes, support and care provider, today (Friday, January 17) unveiled its new brand.

Established by the Victorian social reformer Octavia Hill, Octavia has been providing affordable homes and community support for people in central and west London for more than 150 years.

The new look is part of a wider project to refresh both the image and focus of the organisation to ensure its services are meeting the needs of Londoners today and supporting the organisation’s vision for the future.

The new brand includes a new, uniform visual identity, along with a clearer way of describing what we do. This is part of a bigger, long-term project to better join up all of the services we provide and make it simpler for people to learn about how they can be accessed.

By offering a more interconnected service across our expertise in providing homes, support and care, and by ensuring people better understand the what’s available, we are aiming to achieve our goals of offering help to a greater number of local people when they need it.

The new brand will be rolled out across our services over the next few months. It will also be key for driving us to work more efficiently as one organisation.

Sandra Skeete, Chief Executive of Octavia, said: “The Octavia brand has changed to better represent our offer and help us stay connected to our social purpose. We know that we get the best results for the people we help when we connect our services, and that is why we have aligned our new brand with our vision to maximise our impact through one organisation. Through joining up our assets and resources, we hope to deliver even better outcomes for the people we support by connecting them with more opportunities for a better life.”

Sandeep Katwala, Chair of Octavia, said: “At the heart of the new brand is our aim to nurture a culture of collaboration – connecting individuals, teams, partners and supporters around a common goal – to help thousands of people in London live happily, with access to affordable homes, and care and support if they need it. By evolving our brand design, we also hope to deliver on our ambition to partner with like-minded organisations that celebrate and express our values, so that we can grow and generate an even wider impact for our local communities.”

About the new Octavia brand

The new Octavia brand simplifies the visual look of the organisation, bringing all of its work across affordable housing provision, community support and care for older people together. The single brand identity is dedicated to the common good through the provision of a range of interconnected services (previously Octavia Housing, Octavia Living, the Octavia Foundation, Octavia Support). The new holistic model aims to present our services through one organisation that helps local people, of all ages and backgrounds, feel connected, productive and supported through affordable housing, social activity, care and befriending services and creative projects and pursuits. The previous four Octavia logos are being replaced with the new logo attached with one, new overarching logo. 

We are Octavia.

Founded by the Victorian philanthropist Octavia Hill in the 1865, our work today covers three areas: homes, support and care.

  • We provide Londoners with quality, affordable housing, allowing many people to remain in the city who otherwise would have been priced out.
  • We empower people, connecting them with opportunities for a better life. And we look after the elderly and vulnerable, with tailored and personalised care.
  • We are for hope, for communities and connections. For the common good.