Why are rents so important?

We depend on you paying your rent on time so that we can carry on providing you with services such as carrying out day-to-day repairs. We also have to pay interest on the loans we have taken out to purchase and develop the homes we own.

When is your rent due?

Your rent is due in advance every Monday if you have a weekly tenancy, and on the first of each month if you have a monthly tenancy. You must pay your rent and service charges on time or you will risk losing your home.

If you owe us rent

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to make ends meet. In these situations we can offer some help and advice. However, you should contact us as soon as possible to tell us about any problems you are facing, even if you are waiting to hear the result of a claim for Housing Benefit or if your claim is being reviewed.

What to do if you owe us rent

  • Contact your income officer immediately - get help before the debts get too large. Use our handy search tool to find out who your income officer is.
  • Respond to our letters, phone calls and visits, keep any appointments with us because the earlier we can talk to you the sooner we can resolve the problem.
  • Either pay what you owe or agree to pay it off in stages.
  • Keep to any agreement you make with us.

Rent setting policy

Rent is set using a formula introduced by the Government in 2002. The formula calculates a "target rent" for each property, which is the rent that the governement consider to be the correct rent for that property. In addition to the target rent there are regulations that deal with the rate of increase in rents in any one year.

If you are a secure tenant, your rent is re-registered every two years by the Independent Rent Officer Service. When calculating your rent, we compare your registered and target rents, before charging the lower of the two.

The detailed regulations are complicated but if you would like to know more, we are happy to help. In practice, whether you are an assured or secure tenant, the rules mean that, in any one year, your rent will not be raised by more than the retail price index, plus 0.5%, plus £2 a week.

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