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Benefits advice and managing your money

The Government are making major changes to how housing benefits and other welfare benefits are managed. The changes mean that some people will get less housing benefit than they did before. We can provide you with support and advice on managing your benefits and your money and help you to take control.

Budgeting and money saving: 

  • Online budgeting tools: The Money Advice Service offer a free unbiased financial health check on their website which can help you to assess your finances and make a plan that can help you to manage your money better.
  • Get advice and help from our Financial Inclusion Officer: Contact Niki Durosaro on 020 8354 5638.

Benefit advice: 

  • Face to face: Drop into Octavia's offices on Kensal Road W10 between 9.30am and 1pm every Friday for free confidential advice on your benefits from a Citizen's Advice Bureau advisor. There is no need to make an appointment.
  • Online: Check the benefits that you are entitled to now using the easy to use benefit calculator at www.turn2us.org.uk 
  • On the phone: Contact our partners the charity Stepchange for immediate advice on freephone (including mobiles) 0800 138 1111.

 Reduce your fuel bills:

  • Compare the market: Try using the website My Home Energy Switch www.nhf.billscutter.com which not only has a price comparison feature, but also allows you to start the process of switching providers immediately. You can also contact them on T: 0800 001 4706.
  • Lock in the deal: Many energy companies are offering fixed energy prices for a period of time ranging from 18 months to four years. There are some deals
    where no exit fees are applied either.
  • Energy grants: There are several utility companies offering grants and financial assistance to low income households. The forms for these grants can be downloaded or completed online via www.charisgrants.com/forms/. You can also access the forms by calling 01733 421 060.

Get the right bank account for you:

Many banks now offer basic accounts which are open to everyone - these accounts allow you to set up direct debits, standing orders and text alerts, but generally do not offer an overdraft facility. You also receive a debit card and access to online banking. Find out more about the different basic accounts available here.

Get help getting into work:

Our free employment and training programme is open to all Octavia tenants.To get help with your job search please contact Kyrsha on 020 8354 5686.


Find out more about what is happening and how we can support you with the changes in the welfare reform pages of this site. Please contact your Income Officer for individual advice on your situation.

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