Homes to rent

Homes to rent

Renting from us

Most of our properties are affordable rented accommodation (also known as general-needs or social rent housing), let under secure or assured tenancies.

If you are not eligible for social rent homes but are looking for a home and cannot afford to buy, we offer some intermediate rental properties from time to time. Please visit our intermediate rent page for more information.

If you are looking for a social rent home, we only offer homes to people who have been nominated through the general housing register with a local authority.  This is to ensure that the properties we have are used to meet the most pressing local housing needs.

When we have a property to let, we either contact a local authority to nominate a new tenant to us from the people who have registered with them as needing housing, or we will use the property to house someone who is already one of our tenants, but who needs to move, for example, due to overcrowding.

The majority of housing associations work in this way so if you would like to be housed by us, or any other housing asociation, you should contact your local authority first to join their housing register. On the form you are given to fill in, tick the box to accept being rehoused by a housing association.

See below for a list of websites for the borough local authorities where Octavia works:


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