16 April 2019

The Octavia Brompton Road shop goes in the news!

Obr shop original

Early in February, we spoke to Sarah Lavigne, a journalist from the Kensington and Chelsea Review, the only dedicated arts and culture publication for the Royal Borough, about our Brompton Road shop as well as about the Octavia Foundation more in general.

She was really interested in the high-end brands that the Brompton shop offers and was keen to learn more about Octavia’s wider engagements and activities, and to use her piece to inform the local community about opportunities to support us.

Sarah’s article is now featured in The Spring Issue of the Kensington and Chelsea Review (page 13), woven within a set of other luxurious editorials touching travel, furniture, food, culture and beauty.

The article highlights our flagship store for its renowned designer boutique and the prestigious items customers can find but also for the relationships that the teams have built over the years with local residents and retail partners through the shops. The shops are an important part of the Octavia story. We want to expand our community work and so it was important that the piece referenced some of the areas where currently have impact – from housing to care and support programmes.

Lastly – we are grateful to Sarah for including a well-deserve mention of our volunteers, who play a fundamental role in our shops as well as in our other programs, helping us to make a difference to the lives of hundreds of local people on a regular basis.