Frequently asked questions

For further help with getting started with My Octavia - see the frequently asked questions below

Who can access the app?

To register to use the app you will need to be the sole, primary or joint tenant of your Octavia home

How can I register?

Simply download the FREE app and know your web/rent account number. This can be found on your rent statement or in your welcome booklet.

What can I do with the app?

Using the app you can:

  • View your rent balance, transactions and monthly statements.
  • Track the status of your repairs and communal repairs.
  • Update the contact details we have for you, your household members and next of kin.
  • Contact Octavia and request a service.
  • Monitor the status of your gas safety certification.

What rent details can I see?

  • Your current rent balance and all your rent payment transactions - including historical transactions.
  • Rent statements will be split by month and be displayed for the current financial year and the previous financial year only.

What repairs information can I see?

  • Tenants will see any repair reported for your property plus any communal repair, if you live in a block.
  • Leaseholders can see any communal repair reported.
  • Residents previously with Ducane will be able to view their repairs from October 2019.
  • Repairs will display on the portal within 24 hours from being reported. If the repair still does not appear after this time, please contact us via the enquiry section and we will investigate this.

Can I make a rent payment using the portal app?

Online payments are made through the AllPay app. You will be redirected to the app from the My Octavia app if you choose to make a payment.

If I make a rent payment, when will it show on my account?

Payments can take up to 3 working days to be processed after which they will show on the portal.

For further help and support, email or call 020 8354 5500