Cleaning, rubbish & outside spaces FAQs

Are you still providing cleaning services to communal areas?

We are striving to provide normal cleaning services where staffing levels allow. Our staff are paying extra attention to areas such as door handles, door plates, lift panels and hand rails.

Do your cleaning staff have PPE?

Our cleaning staff are issued with PPE to protect themselves while they work, including masks and gloves.

Will the window cleaning still happen?

Our window cleaning services have been temporarily suspended as it is not considered essential. We will review this regularly in line with official advice.

One of my neighbours has been diagnosed with Covid – will you be providing extra cleaning to the communal areas?

We will continue to provide normal cleaning services where staffing levels allow. We urge residents to follow official advice regarding isolation and social distancing to keep themselves safe.

Will grounds maintenance work continue?

Our contractors are continuing to provide our grounds maintenance service to our schemes. This will be regularly reviewed in line offical guidance and staffing levels. 

Can we still use the communal gardens?

These spaces should be used in line with official Government guidance on social distancing. Where children are using these areas, they should be supervised to ensure that social distancing is applied at all times.

Will the rubbish still be collected from our scheme?

Local authorities are continuing to collect refuse and recycling.

We ask you to support your local refuse and recycling teams by securely bagging rubbish and placing bags in the correct bins. We request that you do not dispose of bulky items during this period as local collections are limited and/or disrupted, and bulky items can present a fire risk.

The rubbish hasn’t been collected, who should I call?

Local authorities are responsible for the collection of refuse and recycling. To report a missed collection, please contact your local authority directly.