The Services Scrutiny Panel

The Services Scrutiny Panel [SSP] provide assurance to the Board that services provided to residents are delivered to the agreed standards.

They do this by looking in detail at individual service areas ensuring that they are examined carefully using external validation, independent audit and peer review where appropriate.

The areas chosen for review are those which residents have identified as being the most important to them either at the annual Your Space event or through analysis of complaints.

Recent scrutiny projects have included communications, speed of repairs, caretaking and cleaning service, and dealing with condensation. 

    Annie Lathaen


 Annie Lathaen (Board Member)

    Yared Bizuneh

Yared Bizuneh (Shared Owner)

 Georgina George

 Georgina George (Resident Member)

Irene Bannon

Irene Bannon (Independent Chair of the Complaints Panel) 

Keith Usher Mr Keith Usher (Resident Member) 
Steve Smith Steve Smith (Interim TSG Chair Resident Member) 
David Wickersham Davia Wickersham (Independent Member) 

We have publicised the findings of the SSP projects, which are available for download on the right hand side of this page.  

For more information please contact our Resident Involvement Manager on 020 8354 5674.