Tenants' Steering Group

Tenants' Steering Group

The Tenants' Steering Group (TSG) is a group of residents, elected by Octavia tenants to represent their interests at a level in the organisation where strategic decisions are made.

The TSG meets regularly to discuss policies, services and other issues. They also hold an Annual General Meeting, which is an opportunity to report back to tenants and to find out from you what they should focus on in the next year.

Octavia supports the TSG through providing a budget for its running, training and administrative support; enabling them to be an effective voice for tenants. Some members are also involved at Board level, as Resident Inspectors or on the Services Scrutiny Panel. 

The TSG consists of:

Chair, Steve Smith, Treasurer, Laila Navaid, Amir Vata, Rachid Boufas, Robert Brown, Boyd Emery, Eileen Crawford, Vaniche Sweeney, Jean Roch, David Coshan and Greta Kendall.

For further information, please contact our Resident Involvement Manager on 0208 354 5674.