Harleigh McQuade

After completing his GCSE’s, Octavia tenant Harleigh (LBH&F) wasn’t quite ready to go to university. He felt the pressure to achieve something and didn’t really have a particular burning ambition, but always knew that he wanted a career. Having always been good at maths, his teachers had previously advised that he pursued it as an A-level and had always considered it an option.

When a postcard advertising the opportunities was delivered to his home, Harleigh was impressed by the stories that previous beneficiaries told and started to think about his own career aspirations.

'When the postcard came through my door, I sat with my mum and spoke with her about it. I knew that I didn’t want to sit around for the summer holidays and this just made me think about what it would be like to be an apprentice at Octavia and what I could be. I now understand that as a Finance Apprentice, my role actually has nothing to do with how good you are at maths as it is a lot more complex than that. I work with an amazing team and have found every floor [in the building] to be accommodating and helpful. Whilst my course is not the easiest, the study really helps me with my role. Sometimes a subject matter may come up which confuses me but then I’ll be set a task at work which helps to make it relevant. I now find myself reading ahead as I’m really enjoying learning new things. Although I’m not sure what area of accountancy I will settle into I now feel as though I’m on a great career path.'