Service standard audits

Every six months we carry out checks to make sure we are meeting our service standards when you get in contact with us. Our latest audit was in October 2013.

To check our performance, we looked back through our records, checked letters we had sent out, as well as notes from visits and interviews. We also asked three resident inspectors to carry out a mystery shopping exercise – testing how quickly we return phone calls, and that our voicemails were up to date.

The main results were:

  • you were provided with a written record of your meeting (100%)
  • our staff got back to you by the next working day after you left a message (93%)
  • we replied to your letters and emails within 10 working days (85%)
  • our voicemail messages are clear and up to date (93%).

We were pleased that staff were generally meeting standards on keeping our voicemail messages up to date, providing residents with a record of meetings, and responding to messages by the next working day.

We did less well on replying to your letters and emails within 10 working days after you leave a message, and will look to improve on this. Front line staff and managers have been made aware of the findings, and we will continue to monitor performance closely.

As always, we would like to say a big thank you to the resident inspectors who worked with us on these checks.

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